missed appointment!

September 18, 2010

Sat 18 Sept

Oh dear. I committed the ultimate faux pas last week and missed my appointment at the dental hospital. I still have to get an inside wire fitted on my bottom set of teeth. So that they don’t move. Once t hat’s done, that’ll be it – finished, finito, forever!

Sorry  for the crap picture but my camera has run out of batteries and my phone is a touch phone so i can’t see or feel the ‘capture’ button.

I now have 99% feeling back in my chin and mouth. And I’ve now forgotten all the pain I went through in the recovery stages, back in Jan/Feb.  i’m really pleased i had this procedure done. If you are thinking about it too I would say, go for it. The results are definately worth it!



July 20, 2010


Well the braces are out and the retainers are in.

Twice now though I’ve taken them out in my sleep and panicked and thought I lost them. They cost  £50 to replace. I checked the bin any everything!

I’m supposed to wear the bottom one at work, but I slavver everywhere when I take them out and i don’t think its such a good look to impress work colleagues with

I’ve also got a permanent wire thing behind my top front teeth to stop them moving about, which is quite annoying, but I suppose I’ll get used to it.

I’m really pleased with the way they look and the reason I’m not jumping for joy is that my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just over a month ago – which kind of puts your teeth in perspective a little bit.

strange nerve sensations

March 31, 2010

wed 31 march

Ten and a half weeks now and everything seems to be going well…

I’m can now say that i am finally getting used to me new face. I no longer look like a stranger in the mirror. The gaps at the back are taking their own sweet time to close though, so i still have to keep the elastics in. And one across the front at night. Just to be sure….

Also i have  noticed something a little odd. Now I am getting most of my feeling back on the bottom left side of my chin….if i drink a cold drink i can feel it right the way through on my skin on the outside. And if my face gets cold outside, my mouth is really cold on the inside too. It feels very strange. But is probably one of the nicer side effects so far.

true force elastics

March 19, 2010

Fri 19 March

Well they may be small but they certainly can be powerful. I’m using these at the moment to do what my orthodontist referrs to as ‘fine tuning’, aligning the centre line between my top and bottom teeth. At night i have to wear one across the front of my teeth – but it really hurt. I didn’t use it last night cos i was in pain all day – and she said i only need to wear it every other night or so just to keep my eye on it.

I was really hoping to get the braces off by June, cos i’m going on holiday – yay! And it would be fab to be wire free. Especially with all the eating out I intend to do…. but my orthodontist said its up to me…..the longer i have them on the better the result. She said if I wanted I could just take them off now. 

 I’m a lot more self conscious of them post op though as my teeth are more prominent. I went out on Saturday night and when i was stood at the somewhat crowded bar I was paranoid about smiling! I don’t want to be  feeling like that on holiday.

My teeth also have apparently ‘over corrected’ post op, which I of course I took to mean ‘goofy’. Yet also that is supposedly a good thing in case my bottom jaw tries to go back to its old naughty ways and moves forward by a milimeter or so.

back to work on monday

February 27, 2010

sat 27 feb

And that will be exactly 6 weeks post op. Just wondering how I will cope when I’m used to doing virtually nothing every day. Some days I’ve felt fine, and others absolutely super tired…and I’ll have to get up before 11am! That’s gonna be hard to cope with!!

I went to a works bash on Thursday and was really nervous about seeing people again, and what they would think! The response was hugely varied, some people said they couldn’t really tell and others thought i looked hugely different. The whole subject certainly gave me something to talk about – ahem – bore people to death with the whole evening.
In terms of how I think I look – yes i think i look better on photos (when i compare the before and after shots) – but in real life I’m not completely decided.  I am guessing that most of the swelling has gone by now – so what i can see is just me….but I’m definately not used to it yet. I don’t think I’ll really know for sure until the braces come off, which might only be a couple of months now.
I’m seeing my regular dentist on Monday – so I wonder what she will think!

5 weeks today

February 22, 2010

sun 21 feb

And feeling a lot better. Although REALLY tired today for some reason. I went to the gym yesterday – seeing as I’m normally pretty active and I haven’t actually moved AT ALL (hardly) for over a month.

It was a bit freaky seeing yourself in those full length mirrors, from every angle. I was really conscious that people might have thought I was really miserable too, as I can’t smile properly yet. I didn’t dare try running though – all that joggling about, think I will wait til week 6 for that!

one month today!

February 15, 2010

Mon 15 Feb#3

And generally getting gradually back to normal…

My cheeks are now definately a lot less swollen, but its hard to see the improvement yourself, day to day. I went back to the doctors today though because, I’m still not right and ready for work –  things like talking still hurt a lot. But as long as I’m lounging around doing pretty much nothing at all, I’m more or less feeling fine. So I’m now officially off work until 1 March.

My doctor said though that the nerve sensation could take quite a few months to come back, which isn’t good news tho, ’cause it feels really freaky.

And I think I might be getting a cold. I’ve had a sore throat all day. Maybe its just because I was sitting in the doctors surgery (for nearly an hour) and it was FREEZING.

I’m actually starting to eat normal food too, which is good because I was so sick of soup! Today I have eaten

  • Asda chocolate shake
  • A bowl of porridge
  • Spaghetti with napoletana sauce – a very large bowl. Tony Soprano would be proud!
  • A bowl of frozen yogurt

I might have boiled eggs for tea. I saw one in a magazine and decided I wanted one. But I’m not even hungry now….The power of marketing, eh!

3 weeks and 2 days…

February 10, 2010


And I can’t put lipstick on straight!

It ends up all over my mouth, like I’m a litte kid experimenting with a dressing up box!
My bottom lip just won’t do what i want it to. I can’t stretch it out and make it go tight at all. In fact I can’t even remember what faces I used to pull to put lipstick on in the first place.
I am getting more and more nerve sensation every day though. My friend Lashie told me that he just fell over and cut his chin and it took six months for him to get the sensation back. Bizarre.
I’ve got no feeling in my gums or the roof of my mouth either still.
My cheek bones are the most painful thing today. It feels a bit like having a really bad cold when your sinuses hurt and you get  a headache with it. Also my upper teeth are all aching. I had a bad bout of that on Monday coz I thought I’d see what would happen if i missed one of my 4 hourly painkiller doses. Not a good idea at this stage!
Also I want to say good luck to my friend Ed (Natalie’s boyfriend) who is going in for a back op on Monday.
My advice is….
  • Ask for the anti-sickness stuff with the anasthetic
  • Ask for as much morphine as you think you can get away with
  • Drink as much prune juice as you can stomach
  • Don’t be shy of using those suppositories!!

a miracle cream

February 6, 2010

antiseptic cream

Well a revlation at 6.30 pm tonight. I discovered that the humble antiseptic cream works wonders in calming all that pesky excess nerve activity. Well who would have believed it! 

 Relief in a 69p tube, courtesy Boots.

I’ve also booked a holiday today today woo! Off to Turkey on 6 June – now that’s something to look forward to. Hopefully i’ll have my braces off by then too!

heavy duty elastics

February 5, 2010


Wow. Had another visit to the orthondontist yesterday. They’ve given me new elastics (the code ‘blue’ ones) to close the gaps around the back of my mouth where my back teeth don’t close, and its heavy duty stuff, man. I’m feeling pretty rough today (and last night) and i’m wondering whether that’s why.

Todays symptoms are:

  • Heachache
  • Eyes hurt in the light
  • mouth feels swollen inside
  • exterior swelling around cheeks and upper jaw feels and looks worse
  • keep biting my tongue again at the back
  • Pain in lower lip where elastics are rubbing and the nerves are growing back.

I’m supposed to be getting my legs waxed down the he road at 3pm, and I’m wondering whether I’ll feel fit enough to stagger down (or not…)

2 weeks and 1 day….

February 2, 2010


And I’m suffering from toothache today!

So I won’t be able to eat this delicious cake that my friend Pollyanna from work made me!

Yes I had a couple of visitors from work yesterday and was chatting merrily away to them – then 30 mins after, I had to get the ice out again. I had really bad toothache – sort of similar to when i got the braces on at first and they were doing the work that involved moving the roots of the teeth. I called the docs this morning as i think I will need my sick note extending. I can barely talk for an hour, never mind 7 hours a day!
And just before all this,  the roof of my mouth went numb. I think its because my top jaw has decided to give me jip as its healing. I had a little feel about and I think I have found 8 plates in the upper jaw alone.
Aside from that I’ve generally got more movement in my mouth and lips. Although from some of the pics, my mouth looks a bit Leslie Ash like! I’m a bit worried about all the numbness in  my chin….I think its gradually getting less, but its still a million miles away from normal. I wonder how long it will take ?

31 Jan #3

Whilst eating a bowl of porridge

Which is a good sign because it means that i’m getting some sensation back in my bottom lip. Finally. It hurt though! And it feels harder to move and talk – although that’s just maybe because i can feel what i’m doing a bit more….

Touch wood I think the nasty tingling sensation is getting less pronounced. On the very tip of my chin I still have absolutely no feeling if i touch it (and my skin feels like weird plastic stuff) but the pain has definately come down a notch in sensitivity

Also i think the stitches are starting to dissolve in my mouth, as i keep swallowing it bits of stringy stuff (unless its the bits from rhubarb yogurt!) – particularly on the upper jaw and now i can actually feel them with my tongue. I tried to change my elastics today today, but one of them has to hook onto the very back tooth and my mouth won’t open wide enough to fit my fat little fingers in. So i’ve hooked it to the next tooth and that will have to do for now.

I had a bad night last night. Woke up at 3am. The joints on both jaws felt frozen stiff and I had a huge headache in the temples again. Didn’t get back to sleep til gone 6. Also all the upper jaw felt stiff, painful and swollen, i think where the titanium plates are (although i haven’t actually seen them on an xray. I wonder if they’d show it to me….) This carried on til past 12pm and then i fell asleep for about 3 hours and woke up feeling much better.

So on the whole, not a very good morning, but a much improved afternoon and evening.

I’m also experimenting slightly with the pain relief. I’ve temporarily swapped over 2 paracetamol doses with solpadine for now. Also I’m gonna try taking the ibruprofen at 10pm rather than 6pm, to see if that helps. And have the solpadine at 6pm not 10pm in case that’s affecting my sleep.

I’m also now taking a B vitamin, cos that’s supposed to help with nerve growth, aswell as codliver oil and glucosulphamine as it can’t do any harm!!

the orphan

Oh no, I look like that girl out of that horror film – the orphan, who’s really 33 but she’s got some horrible growth disease, so she looks like a child.

I look like I’m gonna murder somebody!
Gawd I wish the swelling would go down now! I’m on day what now, 11 and i still don’t really know  how things have turned out which is frustrating. Plus last night i slept really badly – i had a headache that lasted virtually all night and I was tossing and turning – awake at 3, 5 and 8 am.
Hence I’ve been asleep for most of the day….
I think its time to check out some other blogs to find out how other people are getting on…..
Thursday’s tea 28 Jan

and would you believe it….

 This is actually something different than what i have had for tea every single night for the past 10 days. Can you guess what it is? … Tomato soup? Mushed up carrots…? WRONG. Its butternut squash and sweet potato combined. WOW! How exotic.

I have been eating pretty well to be honest and can get through weetbix or porridge for breakfast, but only if its completely drowned in milk. But i can’t really say i’ve been hungry. I am still in pain though….


At day 10 the worst things are…

  • Its been almost a week since the nerves started to grow back in my chin. And it has been a week of hell. Its the worst symptom by far at the moment and no painkillers come anywhere near touching it. Not even the codeine, which i’m off today incidentally too! Yipee – and no side effects (except for the aforementioned in yesterday’s entry). This is more concentrated in an area at the front of my chin now, rather than the inside wet area of my mouth (which felt all horrid and slimy) So i think at least the surface area is getting smaller, if not the actual sensation…
  • I’ve had a headache virtually all day today, which only goes away when i go to sleep. Which at the moment is quite a lot. I think i’ve totally passed out, completely flat out, about 3 times today since i woke up.
  • Backache. I’ve been waiting for this one, which isn’t suprising seeing as i’ve spent the past 10 days horizontal. I’m dying to start yoga again. I asked the specialist about it, and told him it involved standing on my head, and asked when he would advise that this particular position might be possible. He looked horrified. He said at least a couple of months (and wasn’t there something else i could do….like going on an exercise bike). 
  • Dribbling. I’m still dribbling down my chin which is most disconcerting for visitors. Oh, and now i have one of the elastics going right across my mouth,  when i eat, most of it ends up down my front.
  • Sore eyes. They hurt all the time, whether i’m reading, watching endless dvds, or on the computer.I’ve just put some eye drops in and that has helped, so maybe i should just stop complaining….

 On the plus side…

  • I can talk for almost 10 whole minutes at a time without passing out, from pain or exhaustion
  • I generally feel much better
  • I’m suppose I’m not in THAT much pain anymore when i put things in perspective –  apart from the chin thing that is (oh, and the headaches and also the enormous pressure i can feel on the roof of my mouth. Is that made of bone by the way? Its been creaking and moving about and changing position generally quite a lot, which was also an unpleasant and unexpected sensation)
  • My tongue doesn’t hurt
  • I don’t have to drink dissolvable paracetamol through a straw anymore, cos i can actually swallow the tablets. Yuk! That was nasty, but unfortunately very necessary…
  • I’m off the codeine with no side effects. I’m not sure what i was expecting…extreme paranoia? I had got down from 240 mg which was the MAXIMUM dose, to 150 mg, to 60 mg yesterday. And then i ran out anyway, so i didn’t have much of a choice. And it wasn’t helping much with the chin thing much so it was pointless anyway.

Lost in DVD land…

OK I’m now going to watch the news and find out what’s happening in the real world rather than DVD land….as i’m beginning to feel slightly out of touch…..

Well i discovered this on day 7 post surgery….

impression of maya

….and it wasn’t very pleasant. And it was, ahem, extreme constipation. But luckily those suppositories (i used dulcolax) are pretty effective – providing you can hold out the 30 mins as directed on the packet.

And then after consuming about one and a half litres of prune juice, today things went to the other extreme…if you catch my drift…

Oh man. At the moment it seems to be that i’m discovering one new horrible symptom every day! But aside from that, the past two days i’ve actually started to feel slightly better. The swelling has come down loads (although i still think i resemble miss piggy far too much for my liking). The nerves in my chin are still giving me merry hell though. It seems to get worse in the evening for some reason…

After a trip to the orthodontist yesterday and the addition of some strategically placed elastics, i can now start to feel my bite too. And i have to say it feels a lot better than before. Yippee!

Aside from that the only other thing of note is that i have reached series 5 of the six feet under box set 😦 which inspired me to take this photo….as at the moment my cheeks resemble Maya’s!

frozen face

January 24, 2010

gargoyle mouth

Well for the past 24 hours I think my nerves have been growing back in my chin and mouth. A most unpleasant and unexpected sensation.

It feels like my face has been frozen and is thawing out. Like if you bang your funny bone and you get pins and needles, but for hours and hours on end.

The only way of relieving it (aside from codine) has been to wrap a scarf very tight around my neck and face, which eases it somewhat. But it has been one of the nastiest elements of recover so far to date….

This picture probably describes best what it feels like….

4 days post surgery….

January 22, 2010

day 4 at 2 pm

Well I’m back home now and am for the first time starting to feel a bit better. Falling asleep all the time, but actually having proper sleep with dreams-  not just zonking out on the pain killers.

The sensation of my jaw healing is a bit odd and quite grim as the swelling moves around. As soon as my next dosage is due i can feel my face physically freezing up – but this is much better on day 4 than it has been.

Things that were better than expected….

  • The anaesthetic. Really wasn’t so scary. I didn’t feel sick and although i could feel them pulling the tubes out it didn’t hurt a bit.
  • The morphine – at first makes you feel that nothing has happened and you 100% back to normal straight away
  • The pain generally. Is not like any sort of pain I’ve really felt before and although its bad, its not severe and is more of a dull sensation than anything else…
  • Getting home from hospital and being able to watch DVDs, TV and listen to the radio at any time of day or night…! And not feel guilty

Things that were worse than expected

  • How much my tongue hurt afterwards. I guess they’d pulled it about a fair bit – but that was actually the most painful thing to start off with
  • How wierd your new mouth feels. My tongue didn’t fit properly, I kept wanting to bite it at the front and at the side.  Having a swollen tongue and inside of your mouth is particularly unpleasant, but it feels numb most of the time anyway….
  • Looking in the mirror after you’ve had the op and thinking – o what have i done…!
  • Feeling majorly paranoid when the drugs start to wear off
  • Not being able to feel your mouth, dribbling down you chin constantly and wondering whether the sensation will ever come back!

Well i’ve been feeling pretty strange this week.

Emotionally i’ve gone from fear to resignation…and now in less than 12 hours time i’ll be in the hospital.

Oh how time flies!

I’ve been having such strange dreams too….Last night I dreamed that the surgeon had to find 8cm sq of flesh to put in my mouth. I had to choose whereabouts on my body they were going to take it from…and I was like ‘Wow…well you’ve never mentioned this before….’ And my mum turned up as the hospital waving her arms and shrieking, ‘Don’t go through with it, don’t go through with it…!’

All the things i am most afraid of….(in no particular order)

  • Having dreams during the anasthetic
  • Waking up and talking a load of wierd bullshit
  • How much pain i’m going to be in when i wake up (and for the next two weeks/months after that!)
  • Waking up/becoming conscious during the anaesthetic. (According to the booklet i just read this is an uncommon/rare side effect, and happens to less than 1 in 1000 people. Now I’m no statistician, but those odds sound way too risky to be starring in your own private horror film if you ask me)
  • People not recognising me after the operation
  • The hospital cancelling the operation
  • Not being able to have a drink of water for like hours and hours and hours….
  • Waking up and not being able to breathe
  • Looking in the mirror after the operation
  • Being hungry all the time
  • Eating with a syringe
  • Getting a new job (not really related to any of the above, but something i have to do none the less)
  • Not doing yoga or going running
  • Forgetting everything i ever learned in Kung Fu

Things I am looking forward to…

  • Getting these bloody braces off
  • Having a nice bite with all my teeth the right way round
  • Getting a new face (just hope i like it!)
  • Being thin
  • Lying around doing nothing, reading, watching movies and bbc i-player and surfing the world wide web
  • Going on holiday

Now my mum is here to look after me, I’m going to ask her to take a photo of me every day so i can post it up here….so long as i have the energy. And I think other people may find that useful….just don’t know whether i will be able to bear to look!

teeth at 4 jan 2010

Yes folks, its my last appointment before the big op.

18 January, a week on Monday, 12 days away. Now when i smile you can’t see my top teeth at all, only the bottom ones, but this picture is a bit small to show this excellent result to its full effect….

I’ve bought myself a posh pair of pajamas for hospital for the hospital, and my mum got me some slippers for Christmas, so that’s me sorted then.

I’ve got to ‘check in’ so to speak at 7am, and then the op will be at some point in the afternoon. Let’s get it over with. Need to stock up on DVDs and books to keep me going…I’m thinking some german language films would be good, plus Anna Karenina. I’m about to enrol on a German beginners course with the Goete institute, but i can’t get the stupid website to work.

Here’s another picture…

close up of bottom teeth whilst i was on holiday in Goa, i was with a lovely lady called Anne who was advised to have this op the other way around. Its funny….there’s more of us mutants out there than you think.

And i also had a horrible dream that the hospital had given me loads of A4 print outs of what i would look like after the op. They had put them up on the wall of my hotel room and some of them had gone most horribly wrong!

Well what’s the worst that could happen eh?

pre op appointment tomorrow

November 30, 2009

side profile 30 Nov

At 11.30. My it has come around quick.

This evening I’ve just been taking a few pics to see what movement there has been with my teeth. And uh oh – bad side profile, complete with double chin. I now feel incredibly guilty about eating that burger king burger earlier. I hope they don’t weigh me in the morning! Eek! Plus I’ve got to get into a bikini in 5 days time, cos I’m off to Goa – yay! Well it would be if i didn’t feel quite as portly.

close up of teeth 30 Nov

close up of teeth 30 Nov

I’ve now got a date too. For the op that is! Although not from the hospital I might add, tsk tsk. No, the dentist, the lovely Helen Stephenson,  checked in her diary -they’ve not bothered to actually officially let me know or anything. I don’t even know what i need to do – like go in the night before or what. Well hopefully it will all become clear tomorrow….

Gawd, i hope they don’t make me sit around in one of those horrid gowns in a room with other people having minor operations (not that mine’ s minor of course). Ah well i guess its another step nearer….and i am starting to look a bit weird….

Hmmm think I might watch flash forward to take my mind of it….

and here we go….

September 27, 2009

Photos from my last appointment…

…and some blurred ones from my google phone….


dentist shot close up

dentist shot close up

mouth shot August

mouth shot August


blurred head shot too

blurred head shot too


dentist head shot

dentist head shot

Well i’m now into month 7 of this procedure.

Now that my back teeth are twisting round more in line,  i can’t close my mouth properly and it feels all weird. My bottom teeth are sticking out a lot more and i’m feeling more frankensteinish by the second.

maltaAlso the roof of my mouth has got quite raw. I think its from where my teeth are moving around at  the  top, but its really hard to chew or eat hot things.

I’ve got my next appointment with the dentist on Friday. I wonder how much more my jaw will move and how awful it will look before it gets any better. i hope its only another 12 months before the op…its starting to get a bit tedious now and i still can’t speak properly.

This photo was taken in Malta on the way to Gozo on the boat.

Well what a coincidence!

pink elastics
pink elastics

Today i had some more wire put into my mouth. My back teeth are rotated the wrong way so it’s to straighten them up. Its not started hurting yet (but should i put that down to a nice glass of red wine – for medicinal purposes obviously!)

I had the lovely pink neon elastics  put in again, but you can’t really tell from this rather attractive photo, which is a bit disappointing.
Next time i’m going to have a thicker wire, and then i’m going to have a square wire which apparently moves the roots of your teeth. But nice dentist Cooper (Agent, that is ) says that it doesn’t necessarily = more pain.
No pain, no gain don’t they say? Bring it on!!
PS I also tried kissing with braces last week and it was ok, if a little abrasive after a while.

Well i had pink elastics fitted last week and very fetching they look too!

Well somebody obviously thought so because i got asked out on a date a couple of days ago, which was a bit of a shock.  If things go well that’s going to open up a pandora’s box of paranoia (about kissing and the like). Gosh its just like being a teenager again.

Sorry i’m not putting a picture of them up tonight because i’ve just been out practicing STICK FORM which i’m learning for kung fu and i’m too tired and look a total mess! i think i passed my second brown belt though at the weekend, which means i’m now training to be a black belt. woo! scary stuff ‘eh!

I had to fight though with a face guard on which meant i couldn’t really see properly, which wasn’t too good, but i guess better than if i had been hit in the face!

I found a place to buy  mouth guards for people with braces too made by a company called shock doctor. It seemed to fit ok and was cheap too – £ 12…well cheap compared to the head guard in any case!!

Right going to bed to catch up with some beauty sleep

thumbs up

thumbs up

Well i just can’t belive what happened today!! As I was leaving the gym one of the girls behind reception stopped me to ask me if i was going to have an operation…..and it turns out she’s had exactly the same procedure done. And had the operation in May!!  And her teeth looked absolutely perfect !!! (she also said not to worry about the operation…hmmm) But more importantly that she doesn’t regret it at all and wished she had it done years ago !

She had it done in the same horror-movie-scary-style  way as me – top jaw sawn off from face and reattached with metal bits. Brings a new meaning to the film SAW, does it not.

But she was lovely and i’m so glad she stopped me. Hopefully i’ll catch up with Sammy later and pick her brains about the whole thing.

That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me apart from getting a message from someone who has actually read this blog!

OH and WHOOOPS! i acidentally turned up a month early for my dental appointment today. But they saw me anyway because one of my more pesky wires had pinged out earlier in the week. So now they’ve tightened it and it actually really hurts…OW!


day 9

day 9

well its over a week now since i had the top done, and the bottom tightened at the same time. And i’ve got more ulcers and extremely chapped lips. The dental hospital are limiting how much wax they give to people too!

i’ve been in pain all week at work and felt thoroughly miserable…

That Oraldene stuff is really good, although it numbs all the inside of your mouth and means you can’t really taste anything.

My teeth do seem to have moved quite a bit. One of the bottom ones that was a bit rotated is now perfectly in line with the others….and my bottom teeth have move forward and my top ones back quite a bit, so i’m feeling  (and looking)  more like Herman Munster every day! The left side is particularly tight and feels like its being pulled. On the plus side, my teeth all feel a lot less sensitive now and i can actually bite (a little anyway!)

My dentist has gone off for maternity leave too, so i’ll have to see someone new next Friday (the 13th!). The dental assistant is having some work done too, and her teeth look perfectly fine to me. I wouldn’t go through this unless i knew the results were going to be pretty drastic. She did say though she sees the ‘amazing results’ that people get going there, so i guess its a pretty good sales pitch.

Going to have a quiet day today reading a watching movies and stuff on bbc i player. Its nice and sunny out, althought its -1. Its been proper freezing all week, although its not really snowed up in Manchester.


day 2 upper brace fitted
day 2 upper brace fitted

  i was feeling a lot more cheery on this photo – on my way out for a curry and to eat spicy food – and it didn’t even hurt! 

Ha ha – one last thing though…I was coming out of Tescos yesterday in town and there was a group of teenagers walking down Market Street – one of them had fixed braces. I don’t know what they were talking about, but i overheard her say ‘I can’t my teeth really hurt’  – i thought yes I know what you mean, love!


double train tracks

January 29, 2009

adult fixed braces, waiting for the top

adult fixed braces, waiting for the top

Well I get the top fitted tomorrow….and then its count down to the operation – sometime in November 2010. Someone at work recommended a mouth wash called Oral Dene which is supposed to be really good for bad ulcers. OHHO I can’t wait for the thought of that, and them to  kick in, well, this time next week.

I wonder if it will affect my speech. I’ve not been too self conscious so far except that some days i sound like i’m spitting feathers.

Oh well at least i know from experience now its a week of sheer hell and then it’ll settle down a bit. Fingers crossed til then ‘eh!

new year, new mouth

January 2, 2009

Well not quite, but i’m certainly getting used to the old one.

No pain with the braces now, but i seem to have  a new contact point with one of my teeth at the front, which is a bit tender. Strange as my teeth don’t look (or feel) like they have moved at all.

Also each morning when i wake up all the fixtures feel like they are welded into the side of my mouth. Its a very strange sensation.

Roll on 30th January when i have my next appointment and the upper jaw kitted out!

swollen left cheek

December 15, 2008

swollen left cheek

swollen left cheek

Is the latest thing I have to report on. I had the bottoms wired up at the weekend (phew! they didn’t touch the top!)

Not that much additional pain I’m happy to say, apart from a nasty sharp wire that seems to be digging into the bottom of my left cheek. Well i know it is! And my cheek is sore and bruised.

This afternoon though I did get an awful sensation that my bottom jaw was being dragged over to the left side (and sticking out even more, which I know it will) and my bite seems to have shifted position too…but one of the brackets is in the way, so i can’t close my mouth properly in any case.

Only took x 2 painkillers today too. So that’s a plus at least!

Well it’s lucky that i like all of the above, because i’m really struggling with anything solid.

…and the pain! And i remember all the times i’ve seen people wearing braces and thought to myself

“you poor thing…don’t you look a mess.”

Well actually i don’t give a damn about what i look like anymore…and nor probably did they! Honestly I’d do anything for a bit of comfort….i’ve got ulcers all across the inside of my bottom lip. And i’ve got to go through it all again on the top from Friday so it’ll be double the pain by the weekend. Hooray!

So far i’ve gained temporary relief (following on from a few seconds of agony) from the following methods

  • Rinsing my mouth with boiling salt water
  • A liberal application of bonjela
  • Stuffing wet tissue into the inside of my mouth
  • Wearing my kung fu mouth guard
  • Taking paracetamol and/or neurafen every 4 hours
  • I’ve bought some clove oil too but i’ve been too chicken to try it yet
  • Swallowing things without chewing them
  • Only eating or drinking things in liquid form
  • Being asleep

Well on the plus side, I guess things can’t stay this bad otherwise i really don’t think 15 yr olds would put up with it!

sun 7 march, looking tired after tennisWell its week 7 tomorrow and i’m finally off the painkillers. First week back at work was fine too – no pain and i didn’t really get over tired either. Played tennis today which was tough, and i guess I’m not too fit at the moment, but we won 7-1, so result.

Saw Mr Clarke the surgeon on Wednesday which was nice. He said he was very pleased with the result and said that the braces should be off in a couple of months at the most. Whoopee!